Accomplishing The Impossible

Tai Tiedemann is ayear old from the Long Beach/Lakewood area who has overcome many obstacles to get his shot at the big leagues. Tiedemann played baseball for 8yrs growing up, but he was always more focused on football. He played football all throughout high school, but when senior year came around he realized he wanted to give baseball a shot. Tiedemann found a new love for the game of baseball, and stuck with it. After his one season at Poly he went straight to LBCC where he lead the state in triples in his last year. He also became a pitcher in his last year at LBCC which is the position he got drafted to the Texas Rangers minor league team for, and what won him honors such as All-State All American, and MVP of the SCC conference. Going straight from CC to the big leagues is a MAJOR accomplishment, and the list of athletes to do so is not very long, and Tiedemann is relishing in the moment expressing that "It's a real good feeling being a player who gets drafted out of CC because most people go out of high school or a 4-year". He is also happy that he gets to give back to his community by putting LBCC on the map even more! Currently Tiedemann is in Arizona playing for the Rangers minor league team as a pitcher where he hopes to continue to climb the ladder, and eventually make it to the big stage. Hey he's made it through this much adversity so we believe that this kid could definitely go all the way! As long as he keeps the same work ethic that got him to where he is Tiedemann will have no problem signing that dotted line on an MLB contract! You have our support all the way! Can't wait to see what the future has in store for the former Viking! Check out his stats from his time at LBCC below, and follow him on IG/Twitter!


Tai Tiedemann's LBCC Career Stats


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