Gazette Sports: The Site For Everything Sports in Long Beach

You can't talk Long Beach sports without mentioning Gazette Sports. Every recap video, article, and all game coverage comes straight from them. To be honest if it wasn't for them we wouldn't have a "Sports" section on our site! Gazette's hasn't always been their though in fact the two masterminds behind the cities biggest sports media outlet are Long Beach residents Mike Guardabascio, and  JJ Fiddler. Some quick back story on the two of them before we continue on. Mike was born and raised in Long Beach, and began his career in journalism at Long Beach State where he met JJ, who's actually from Huntington Beach, but moved to Long Beach for college. They both wrote on the school paper called "Union Weekly" where JJ started their first ever sports page. After college Mike and JJ linked back up to create their own sports site, and 2 years into that they got an offer they couldn't refuse from the Grunion Gazette, and from there Gazette's Sports was born! Now they are a resource for the public to tap into the sports realm in the city, and on top of that they serve as a motivator to the young athletes trying to create a name for themselves. As they continue on with their 8th year in the biz Mike and JJ look to continue to do the amazing job they've been doing, while trying their best to give every sport it's due respect. With 9 million views on YouTube in the past 5 years there's really no questioning their hard work, and dedication to their craft. The sports scene in Long Beach would not be as big of a deal as it is if it wasn't for these two. Not only are you motivating the athletes of the city to be better you are also a huge contributer to what we do here at Rise. We thank you! The athletes thank you! And this city thanks you!


Gazette Sports