Running With The Tigers

Kymber Payne is a 19yr old girl from Compton who fell in love with the track her freshmen year of high school, and her passion for the sport hasn't shown any signs of diminishing. She began her career on the track in her freshmen year at Long Beach Poly where she let nothing, and no one hold her back! In her tenure at Poly she 3-peated at State winning 3 out of 4 State titles, and earning herself looks from many big time colleges like USC, UCLA, Florida State, Texas A&M, Miami, Tennessee and her pick of the litter LSU! Southern Hospitality played a clear role in her decision to become a Tiger. Her instant connection with the team, and coaching staff made LSU the perfect fit for her, and when it came time to sign their was no question in her mind where she was going. In her first season she had a run in with injury which set her back a bit, and had her questioning her resilience. It took a while, but Payne is back, and feeling better than ever! Ready to face any obstacle this season, and in seasons to come with a full head of steam! Payne has big dreams for the future wanting to pursue a pro career, and eventually get to the Olympics. Her driving force is the satisfaction that comes with taking care of everyone that took care of her. With her ambition to be great, and passion for track she has all the potential in the world to create a path to the goals she has set for herself. Payne's journey begins this coming season, and we're positive she'll burst out the blocks from day one, and never look back till she's standing on that podium at the Olympics! Check out her season schedule below!

LSU 2016 Track & Field Season