Sudan The Man Thoms

6'6 Sophomore Sudan Thoms has had an excellent season for the Jordan averaging a double-double with 20pts, and 10rebs! He has been a serious bright spot in the Panthers 15-12 season, and it's clear that Thoms can pour on the points evident in his play this season, and from his outstanding 53pt performance in his middle school championship game. Thoms is currently being recruited by Stanford, UC Irvine, and Santa Barbara, and we are sure that list will see exponential growth by his senior year. He wants to ride his basketball career all the way to the top with hopes of making it to the NBA. All he needs is to get some weight on him at this point, because the skill, and ability to score is there he just needs to gain a little weight, and build his IQ on the floor, but that will come in his final years of high school. Thoms will be a great pick up for whatever college he decides to go to with his height, and playmaking ability his success beyond the varsity level will be based on his ability to fit into the system he is in, and keeping his confidence going to the next level. We believe that Thoms will be a phenomenal player, and if he continues to grow physically and mentally his career will without a doubt go very far!