Follow Those Who Paved the Way

The Oregon Ducks have picked up another Jackrabbit, but this one's scoring goals instead of baskets. Artrea Williams has been playing soccer for 13yrs, and her love for the game has grown with every passing year. As a child she watched her older sister play, and she became very interested in the game. Soccer was perfect for her considering she was an energetic child who needed something to do with her time. Although Williams represents Poly most of her work was done with the #2 club team in the nation the LAFC premier, including receiving her scholarship. Williams named her parents as people who motivate her to continue to stay on her grind. She see's them as trailblazers who have paved their own way to success one which she would like to follow, or emulate in her own way. Williams wants to take soccer as far as she can take it, but she isn't putting all her eggs in one basket. In fact, Williams currently has a 4.2 GPA, and will study behavioral science when she gets to Oregon. Got to love seeing this beautiful young woman focused on her goals, and ready for all challenges. Hey with a 4.2 GPA we will always have room on our team lol, but in all seriousness remember the name Artrea Williams if this is your first time hearing it believe us it won't be your last. Check out her career stats below!

Artrea Williams Career Stats