LBCC's Hidden Gem

When thinking about LBCC the public usually thinks of the LAC campus. In fact most would say the LAC campus is the "better" campus, but we think the PCC campus is highly overlooked. On top of the many renovations the campus has undergone there is one hidden gem that has been there for 45 years! The Horticulture Garden, originally created to support the nursery, and grounds-keeping industries is now a place for students to gain knowledge in the field of horiculture. The garden features many plants, a small pond, a farm of roosters/hens, and an edible garden where students are able to learn how to propagate different crops. The garden also substitutes as a kick it spot in-between classes or a place to unwind, and be stress free after a long day. The garden is usually open Monday through Friday, and it is located in building NN. So next time you're on the PCC campus take a trip over to the garden, and explore one of the many hidden gems LBCC has to offer!