Runway Dreams Turned Reality

Khyree Hunter is a Long Beach Poly graduate who happened to stumble upon his passion. About 2 years ago he had attended a party where a friend of his told him he had the look of a model. After that his friend Kevin had him model for a project he was working on, and once he saw the photos he saw that same modeling potential his friend had previously revealed to him. Khyree then began just taking and posting photos of himself until he met Christian Montoya, who at the time was the head photographer at Shiekh Shoes who helped propel him into the modeling world. His first big gig was with Timberland the experience for him was overwhelming at first, but he got the hang of things very quickly. The cool part about the shoot was that it was featured on a billboard in the Fox Hills Mall which was seen by 200,000+ people! Khyree is currently with TMJ modeling agency, but majority of his shoots were gained purely from networking. The next step in his journey is to walk the runway which may come sooner than he expects, because he will be featured in LA Fashion Week. Khyree is all about mastering his craft so he plans to go at modeling from all aspects, but his real dream is to be a method actor. He plans to use his modeling career to jump start his career in acting, As far as goals modeling wise he really wants to walk the runway in big names like Versace, Balmain, or Robert Cavali. Overall Khyree just wants to continue to develop, and master his craft so he can start on the next. In the next year he plans to keep following his dream, and take his modeling career to the next level! Check out some of his photos below, and follow him on IG!

Instagram: KhyreeHunter