Rise Top 10 of 2016

It's a new year and you know what that means? Out with the old and in with the new! Well..........Not necessarily out with the old but this new year is full of new opportunities. So to commemorate another 12 months of endless possibilities we look back to 10 of our favorite moments of 2016!


10. Rise Art Show

We started last year off partnering up with SnowyinLA for an art show at MacArthur Park, and it was a HIT! Our next one is in the works so keep your eyes peeled and tell your artist friends!


9. Keilo feat. Famous Far "All Gas" Visual

Easily one of our favorite songs of the year, and the visual emphasized the overall hype factor of the song. Check it out and be on the look out for some new music from the real soon.


8. SRLC's Playaz Club Release

Rebel season kicked off 2016 with a Dickies collaboration that should've been a real Dickies collab! The Playaz Club and The Rebels mechanical jackets are two of the years most quality drops in streetwear in general! Unfortunately their Playaz Club jackets are sold out but you can still get a Rebels one so act fast!


7. JC.ro painting Kobe on Melrose

We don't have the story behind this but we find it amazing that this man sold his sneaker collection to create and since has made HUGE strides in his artistic endeavors. Follow him on Instagram and stay up to date with one of the best artists from the LBC.


6. Soular System's Debut EP

2016 brought us the soulful duo that is Soular System and their debut EP Summer Solstice was not only a top 5 project coming out of the city, but it is and will go down as a classic that ANYONE can enjoy......literally anyone............Seriously show us one person that doesn't enjoy this project


5. Traveling The World With Christian O'Keefe

Over the last month and a half videographer Christian O'Keefe has backpacked through parts of Spain and Europe and he captured some of the most beautiful shots and footage that'll make you want to drop everything and your doing and find the next flight out!


4. The Force and Their Strong Year

2016 was a huge success for the Force of Nature team! They published 3 issues of their magazine, and their moving arts events were a big hit on the year. They have created an amazing environment for poets, artists, and creators alike to express themselves and have a good time. Wish them nothing but the best going into this new year.


3. Tai Tiedemann Being Drafted From LBCC

Back in June something historical happened and that piece of history was LBCC Vikings pitcher Tai Tiedemann being drafted to the Texas Rangers! That in itself is quite the story but to add to it he didn't start playing baseball until his senior year of H.S! If he can make this happen in 3 years the sky is the limit for this kid.


2. Attending ComplexCon

THE BEST EXPERIENCE OF THE YEAR!! This convention was oozing with inspiration, motivation, and influential creations. Check out our recap video to get a small glimpse of what was an enormous event.


1. USC Rose Bowl Romance

This event did not take place in 2016 BUT this was one of the most amazing games, if not THE best game of the 2016-2017 college football season! Plus Long Beach was so well represented that I had to add it to the list. We couldn't decide what play we should display, Iman Marshall's interception on the first play or JuJu Smith's one handed catch that practically saved the game so we chose both!