You Never Know Who You're Talking To

Today we were at a barber shop on the east side waiting to speak to the owner, who currently had a customer in his chair. The man wore glasses and looked to be in his mid/late 20s.  Once the haircut was finished the owner of the shop walked outside with us and the man followed. Before the man departed the owner yelled "Good luck in China!" this immediately peaked our interest and we ran the man down to get his story. Caleb Jackson graduated from Gahr high school, got his BA from Morehouse, finished his Masters in China, and he has now been teaching English in China for 4 years! Such a dope story to hear and it didn't come from a lecture hall, or a guest speaker at a school it came from us being at a barber shop and going the extra mile to get details on a random mans life who was getting a hair cut. Can't be afraid to talk to people, because you never know who's company you are in! Follow Caleb Jackson on Instagram and get the inside look on the life of an English teacher in China.

Instagram: CalebJacks0n