Oh Sweet Sweet Nina

Celina Yandell is a 24yr old St Anthony grad who's makes THE BEST DAMN COOKIES YOU'VE EVER TASTED! In high school her mom told her if she wanted to play club volleyball she would have to come up with the money on her own because private school was expensive enough. So she decided to indulge in baking/selling cookies thus Sweet Ninas was born! Since then her sweet treats have become a hot commodity via social media and she's constantly cranking out orders and dropping new recipes that make your mouth water just from the picture. Celina has made countless genuine connections through her business and it has become sort of a springboard for her to dive into other avenues. Cookies although her main business is not her only endeavor she's working on her singing and acting so she can go into the entertainment business, she's a personal trainer and a host on Island Block Radio! She started with the radio station 4 years ago working behind the scenes but now that she has stepped into a host role she sees it in a whole new light! She loves being able to spread positivity and good vibes through the radio waves and she has fun doing it! Celina has a deep love for music and she also isn't shy about expressing herself so being a radio personality fits her quite well. Generally Celina's overall plan is to be successful in every avenue she pursues and with her drive, hunger, and personality we don't see her falling short of that at all! Check out the Sweet Nina's website and follow her on Twitter to stay up to date with all her endeavors!


Twitter: @Ninaluvvv/@SweetNinaco