Do You Lovesome Chocolate?

Bay area raised, Long Beach bred Nicole Moore is a wife, mother of two, and a connoisseur of chocolate. So much so she started her own business named Lovesome Chocolates. The idea sprouted from her love of chocolate, but she put that idea to work in 2013 when her youngest child graduated high school. Her first few batches were test subjects mainly for family and friends but once she saw how good of reaction her creations were receiving she decided to turn her love for chocolate into what she calls her little"artisanal company."  There are three things that make Lovesome Chocolates unique that is the presentation and flavors. Mrs. Moore cares just as much about how her product looks/is packaged just as much as she cares about the deliciousness of each piece. She is providing the public with an experience that goes far beyond simply purchasing and eating uniquely flavored chocolate. With that being said Mrs. Moore has completely turned the idea of only being able to enjoy chocolate bark during Christmas time on its head providing a year around assortment of flavor-filled bark. A combination of different dessert recipes and beautiful things such as flowers, art, and fashion influence her unique flavors most of which if the names don't immediately interest you the taste surely will. Mrs. Moore currently runs a pop-up shop on weekends at Steelcraft but her ultimate goal is to expand into a shop of her own and eventually open up shop somewhere in the Bay Area. Follow them on Instagram/Facebook and check out their website for any inquiries!!

Instagram: Lovesomechocolates