IUWT Drops "Black Owned" Sweater

After scaling back, and taking some time to work on their brand IUWT is back with first new series since the revamp. The "Black Owned" sweater concept was inspired by the LA Riots back in 1992. They used this concept to show that they take pride in the history of African-American people, and they're using their platform to voice who they are, and what the brand stands for. The sweater features a crew neck design, and has the outline of the words "Black Owned" in big green and yellow lettering reminiscent of HBCU style sweaters. With tension flaring over racial injustice within our country IUWT thought there was no better time to take a stand for blacks, and other people of color effected. Check out the sweater, and click the link below if you're interested in purchasing!


"Black Owned" crew neck sweater