Loved Ones

Loved Ones made their debut in November, but the idea of the brand began this past summer. Showing love for those close to us who are still with us and to those who have left is the message of the Loved Ones. They dropped two different designs for their debut one which features a rose on the back and the brand name over the top of the rose. The second design resembles a Hennessy bottle being poured out with the words "For Them" across the base of the bottles. The ultimate goal for the Loved Ones is to stay true to their roots and show people the idea of their brand. Love is a universal term and the Loved Ones are looking to capitalize on that by introducing their designs to the world and reminding us not to forget about those ones who have made an impact on our lives. Our Loved Ones! Follow them on IG for more information on purchasing a shirt.

Instagram: Lovedonesglobal