Getting Trippy

In 2013 a 17yr old from New Jersey by the name of Matt Rivera dropped everything he had, and left the east coast to start a life in the LBC. For an adult to make such a drastic move is crazy in itself, but for someone so young to make the decision to pack up, and start a new life on the opposite coast is just insane! At age 18, after moving into an apartment in Downtown Long Beach Matt decided to create a brand which at first was just something he shared with his friends, but now Matt has a plan, and nothing will get in the way of his vision. Trippy Culture is who Matt is, it's his struggle, his journey, and his overall way of living expressed through clothing. Inspired by drugs, sports, photography, and street wear as a whole Trippy Culture is Matt's way of bringing his west coast side, and east coast side together. He wants the people to be inspire people to keep creating, and never be afraid to get outside of your comfort zone, but also to never forget who you are, and where you come from. TC released their first cut and sew collection called "The Warm-Up" which features a long sleeve baseball jersey, and a short sleeve henley style tee both of which are FIRE!!!  Excited to say the least for their next two releases which will both come in limited quantities so I suggest you follow them on IG, and keep an eye out for their next drop! Check out "The Warm-Up" collection below modeled by local rapper E-Ham, and Houston University PG Chyanne Butler


Instagram: TrippyCulture