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Bando Club is a brand created by Wonny, and Gizzle. The brands base idea is influence, everything they release embodies someone or something that has impacted them whether it be music group Public Enemy, or the late greats Malcolm X, and Muhammad Ali all their pieces have deep rooted meaning to each of the two creators, and their experience growing up. Ironically the sole purpose behind the Bando Club is to give the public an inside look on their perspective, and thus far they have gotten nothing, but positive feed back. They are not a mainstream brand by any means, but they have got quite the exposure with Laker point guard seen wearing their Muhammad Ali hat while catching a game during NBA Summer League. The Bando Club is planning some major moves, and they promise something dope for the city real soon, as well as expanding into more than just head wear so you should definitely stay tuned! Follow them on Instagram, and Twitter below.

Twitter: Bando_club

Instagram: Bando_Club