Styled by Kaizen

Nicole White is a strong, care-free, independent, business-minded woman who is determined to influence the fashion industry. At 21yrs old White has started up her own online thrift store "Blazin' Kaizen", and she also is a stylist for those in need of help with picking a style for a prom, wedding, photoshoot, or any other upcoming events. Fashion has been an interest of hers for a while now, but White prefers to have style over being fashionable.  "Fashion changes, but style stays the same" White says "No one can tell you what to wear or how to dress if you have style it's all about your flavor." White draws inspiration from stylist June Ambrose and her TV show where she styled people. She loved the reactions she saw from the people being styled, and realized that was definitely something she was capable of doing, and is now on her way to making a dream reality. Fashion wise White loves The Olsen twins, and Rihanna's fashion sense "They bring more then just fashion they bring style!" Said the aspiring stylist. White plans to eventually open up a location for her thrift store, and help organize other black owned businesses. We're all for more black business here so she definitely has our support on that! We love what she has going one because we see the passion, but also because she has been able to keep focused, and work even harder through the loss of her mom. White takes pride in believing her mother is watching her every step of the way on her road to success! Check out her site linked below, and see if you see something you'd be interested in!