It Takes A Village

Make Collectives started as two sisters passion for vintage clothing, and turned into a collective for the local community to enjoy, and draw inspiration from. Beginning in 2002 Kat Engel, and her sister began as vintage apparel enthusiats searching through your local thrift shops for one of a kind finds, and selling the things they couldnt fit or didnt want back to places like Buffalo Exchange, Wasteland, and other resell shops on Melrose Ave in LA. Eventually they were directed to an event called the Rose Bowl Flea Market which sparked the idea that she could actually make money off selling clothes as a hobby little did she know this would become more than a hobby! Selling their stuff at the Rose Bowl Flea Market made their customer base expanded to costume designers, stylists, and every kind of fashionable person in-between! Kat says she social media solidified her love for the world of vintage. Websites like Myspace, and Friendster gave her an avenue to network with other fashionable girls who loved vintage as much as her and her sister. Soon after they jumped on the social media wave they began to use their parents backyard for Vintage Sales. They invited everyone in their current customer base from friends, and family to Rose Bowl Flea Market and Nordstrom gal customers her sister relayed the word to when she worked there. Kat says she personally messaged and commented on every person that followed their business page "Viva La Vintage.", and through that effort the sales went 20 girlfriends to 150 people! Once they saw the success of that the two rented out a local bar, and other local venues for events, and with the help of social media yet again their audience grew to 200-250 people! With growth came knowledge to know more so Kat went back to college attending FIDM in LA, and while in school she began working with an LA based Women's designer resort wear! This gave her the opportunity to travel back and forth from LA to New York for all the trade shows, and assisted her boss in getting her line into major boutique in LA, as well as across the country. Fast forward to 2010Kat got married, and saved enough money to quit her day job to start her own Etsy shop. A few years later a friend of hers convinced her to check out a empty storefront in the East Village Arts District, and the rest is history! Kat says she was pregnant the day her and her husband signed the lease, and that is when MAKE Collectives was born. In 4 the last 4 years they have evolved into a creative space that houses over 60 artisans, curated new/vintage mens and womens clothing and put together monthly workshops in collaboration with local creatives. Some things you can expect in the near future from MAKE Collectives are collaborations with with locals in the community to grow their social media following, and traffic through their online shop, Ultimately they want more awareness within our neighborhoods to visit the Downtown area, and explore more than the usual Pike visit. This business built on family, and essentially that's all they want to do for the city. Support your local shops, and talent because with their growth we as a city grow. Check out their website, and follow them on IG below.

Instagram: Makecollectives